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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Why is my loan not approved

Appnomu loan denied

To most of us, we get a loan denied message from Appnomu and we wonder what could be the problem/challenge. Appnomu believes in providing good services to Ugandans AND we have so far given out loans to several clients especially Ugandans.

When your loans is denied, please check whether you uploaded the national ID both sides, Added and confirmed the alliance, check whether you have have updated the profile by filling in your National ID details, NIN, Card Number and address.

One reason why you loan might be not approved is because you have not activated your loan account fee of UGSHS5500 which is paid on 0775383963 or you might have defaulted the previous loan you took. Make sure you pay on time to qualify for a bigger loan limit.


  1. At first it was really an owesome service provided here like savings and withdraw, loans. But since then there really issues here and there, like withdraws suddenly has errors where one can’t withdraw, borrowing loans are often a problem more over fulfilling every terms and conditions, plus different kind of charges, making it difficult for customers to understand.

    I think a lot or huge and huge improvements needs to be done, where services can be extended to rural errors where a company can obtain customers like my side.

    1. Hello, thank you for your feedback and we are very sorry that you have faced such challenges, sometimes business loans may delay because we require to make good research about the profile of the client and when everything is done, the loan can take place and can be sent to you, please if you don’t receive your business loan within 30 days, then consider sending the email to our loan team at loans@appnomu.com

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