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Monday, October 2, 2023

What You Need to Know About Appnomu V.1.00

Appnomu Version 1.00
Appnomu Version 1.00

Appnomu Business Services is licensed by the URSB to conduct businesses in Uganda and among our services, we do financial services and  is among the leading services.

Since our launch in 2021, we have  1055 clients across Uganda who are taking everyday loans online and this has made us among the leading online loan providers in Uganda.

We are a growing community in technology and this means improving our products and services everyday to meet the trending technology and demand of customers.

This is what you need to know about the Appnomu Version 1.00;

In the software version 1.00, we have updated many features and improved the services than ever before;

  1. Airtime; The need for communicating to your loved ones, relatives can’t be compromised. In the software, now you can get a loan and buy airtime to all networks in Uganda. You can as well use the matured savings to buy airtime on the discounts and cashbacks on every airtime purchase. This is very essential in times when you have no airtime on your mobile line, or when you have airtime or mobile money to different line.
  2. Data subscriptions; You can’t escape the need to access the internet whether social media, or any website, requires internet connection and this productive feature helps you to buy data connection at reduced rates and on discounts from your loan account or saving account to all telecom lines in Uganda.
  3. Money Transfer; In the past this was impossible but in the new software, you can now send money from your Appnomu wallet to any MTN or Airtel line in Uganda free of charge from the loan account and 50% industrial discount from your matured savings. We will extend this service to other mobile telecom company in the future release.
  4. Bill Payment; You can now use your loan to pay bills like DSTV, Roke, Startimes, GoTV, water bills, Yaka, UMEME and KCCA using your Appnomu loans and savings.  This is intended to make sure you do not miss reliable services  for your basic lifestyle in the world. In one application now, you can the more with your loans and savings.
  5. Appnomu Agent; Now with only UGX200,000 savings on your account, you can request this service and resell the services of Appnomu, you can resell customers cheap data, airtime, bill payment, loan collections in your area, account creations for a commission that gets accumulated on your available savings. commission on airtime and data ranges from 5% to 11% depending on the amount of airtime and data you sell. Account creation is UGX1500 per account you create successfully.

Onboarding clients

In the new software, the onboarding clients process is very simple, You only need the valid national ID, pass port photo and account verification shall take place in less than 30 minutes to all new accounts. You will not be able to upload the documents as it has been in the past for increased security features. All pictures or documents can only work on live capture using the camera of the phone.

All alliances or guarantors must have Appnomu account and must not have any loan from the Appnomu, only maximum of two alliances is needed for a loan verification to take place.

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    1. We truly appreciate for your time your feedback, we are going to register sales a gent free of charge and they shall be paid 30% commission on their sales, the more you sell, the more you earn

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