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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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What causes failed transaction on Appnomu

appnomu failed transactions

Appnomu is among the leading fintech websites receiving more traffic every day especially from Ugandans who seek for friendly cheapest loans that are unsecure and instant. As reported earlier, Appnomu currently have a number of 1054 registered accounts and receive 185 Monthly million page views from internet users.

Leaving the story behind, we might have experienced the following errors during repaying our loans or saving with Appnomu and we wonder why and what causes the errors. Whenever you create an account on Appnomu, we submit particulars and we add alliances, you can start enjoying the friendly unsecured cheap loans and savings with high interest.

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In most cases, we see the failed transaction especially when you are saving or repaying your loans. This might be to the following:

  • Insufficient fund: When you have insufficient fund on your card or in the Bank, our system can’t initiate a transaction and you will see an error code on your page of the browser, what do you here, simply top on fund and try again and the transaction will come through. Please we do encourage you not to close the page after payment even if you see a message from your primary finance.
  • Wrong Address: Whenever you use a card to make payment on our platform, VISA or Mastercard, you need to enter the address as related to card as issued by the bank or related financial card provider. For Ugandan, when you use card, enter ZIP code as “0000” as Uganda does not have¬† a ZIP code and enter the details accurately.
  • Network error; Sometimes, our system might be busy or down, if it is network, you will see 500 error code on your screen and therefore you will have to try after five minutes. You also need to check with your bank to find out if they do not have any challenge with network by the time you started a transaction.

Following the above, will help you make successful transactions. If all the above can’t work for you, please email feedback@appnomu,com and we will follow up with you.

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