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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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The culture of communication and how they impact businesses

In this digital world, businesses need to effectively and efficiently communicate with potential clients to establish a strong relationship. We understand that without communication in the business, there is no trust and this means employing communication culture in the business.

What communication culture should you employ in your business?

This is the most challenging question entrepreneurs face when it comes to making decisions on which communication culture to use, today we are going to speak about the communication cultures in the business and their pros and cons so you are able to make the clear decision making;

  1. Telecommunication; Telecommunication is  the most popular communication culture in the world used by the biggest percentage of entrepreneurs. The telecommunication involves making incoming and outgoing calls, sometimes involves the clients to use SMS and sending text to business. This is the most effective way of communication within the business.


  • Easy to implement in the business and effective
  • can be handled by one person at a time
  • does need any technical knowledge as it involves little technical skills
  • Cost effective if used well
  • great for small businesses with small number of clients and working staff


  • Works best for small businesses with small number of working staff and clients
  • It does not quickly result into a sale
  • Tiresome and slow when the business gets busy
  • it is expensive to maintain towards purchasing credits from service providers
  • Might have geographical barriers

2. Live Chat communication; In this culture, businesses that have websites and mobile application are able to use the live chat software to serve clients and is more common to businesses that operates online. There several service providers providing this service at friendly cost and can cost you between $12 to $19/Month depending on the service provider you choose to use, we use TIDIO to communicate with our clients and we are very satisficed with its services


  • Quick and provides real-time communication
  • accept integration of third party software like social media and emails so communication can be done in one place
  • there is maximum flow and management of communication
  • Provide accurate basic data of where clients find you and the source of traffic
  • Promotes team work more easier even when done remotely as you can be in position to understand the insights of communication with the clients from the working staff.
  • Can be used for several different projects/websites


  • Needs technical skills to integrate the software though it does not need more extensive knowledge
  • Require using expensive machines like laptops and desktops or mobile devices
  • Costly in case you do use the best service provider

3. Ticketing/Email services;  This culture involves using emails and ticketing software to communicate with clients and employees. This is becoming popular because it is the best convenient culture giving the employee and business owners track of communication more easier.


  • Very easy to use and to integrate in the business software
  • provides efficient mechanism of communication
  • easy to trace old communication by filtering ticket number or client ID
  • Cheap and requires little technical skills to operate
  • Gives the business the ability to serve clients in all areas 24/7


  • Needs some technical skill to integrate
  • You should be able to reply to emails or tickets on time to make it real-time communication

The choice here depends on the nature of the business and when you employ all the culture, the communication part shall increase sales and revenue in your business and you need to be calculative towards making a clear decision.

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  1. This is what every business needs to chat with clients and stakeholders, I love the article and is very useful for new businesses that needs to understand which software to use concerning communication

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