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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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How to Repay your Appnomu Loan

how to repay your loan on Appnomu

Appnomu Savings and Loans is one of the biggest fintech company in Uganda giving thousands of Ugandans online loans.

Yes!, you can receive a loan on time without paper work. How can you repay your loan?

To repay your Appnomu loan, means you have been approved to take a loan and you have a loan pending payment. Simply login your account

Step One

After successful login, locate to my loans, you will see the loans you had taken previously pending repayment and the number of installments . Installments are the split loans that you pay according to number of installments.

After locating to my installments, click on “select action” and you will be prompted to select action of payment methods.

Dashboard means you are to pay using matured savings in your account and mobile money is an extension which will enable you to repay using mobile money or major bank cards.

step two

If You chose, pay with Dashboard, we will deduct your savings.( only matured savings can be used to repay the loan).

  • Mobile Money Repayment method: This is the most convenient method of loan repayment, after selecting this method, you will be prompted to enter the number. Make sure you enter a valid mobile number of MTN or Airtel with enough fund, you will receive a code to to verify your number. Once the code has been validated successfully, you will receive a request where you would be required to put in your PIN and once you have enough fund,  you would have finished making repayment ( note; Do not close the payment page on your screen, leave it to continue loading until it reads successful)
  • Bank Cards; If you choose to repay with Bank cards, you will be prompted to enter the card details; Card number, and card verification value which is a three digit code. You will then be prompted to enter the card address, Uganda does not have a zip code, therefore put “0000” as zip code. Remember the address here is the address of your account where you opened it from, not the current address you are living from.

Following the above steps , you should be able to repay your loan, if you still have challenges, kindly email us your loan number  and the challenge you are facing to loans@appnomu.com and we will get back to you with a solution. You can as well Chat with us here  and we will guide you.

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