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How to increase sales in business and maximize profits

increase sales

In Uganda and Africa, businesses fails especially in the first period of six months where we see that 15 businesses close up without having enough funds on ROI (Return On Investment). This comes when the business had poor management as we know that management matters a lot in business.

With the point, how can we increase business sales and maximize our profits.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING; Social media especially Facebook have more than 1.7 billion users every day and is a great deal for your businesses if you know how to play it well. After setting up your business and you are now in operations, engage with social media people. Use facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp to post more about your products and services. This will increase customer base and you will be reaching more people than in how you focus on one physical store operations. This can be achieved well by carrying out social media advertising.
  • BLOGGING; Business now days to survive means blogging or talking about their impact and influence on customer’s daily lives. The best example here  is Appnomu   , we give loans to businesses and individuals and then we guide them how they can get good results out of our loans. After starting a business, be able to start a blog, you can set up a blog on social media, radio station or local television and tell the client why your product matters a lot to their lives. By doing this, you are increasing brand awareness and trust between the product and clients. You can as well set up a blog website to increase brand awareness 
  • PROMOTIONS: It is very important for small business and big companies to set up promotion campaigns that drive more sales. A good promotion should not take longer period, it should be a discount, an incentive or any take away, for example by two take one free. The promotions help clients engage with the products and services. Appnomu gives clients an opportunity to receive cash points for referral hence engaging with them in marketing. 
  • PRICING MANAGEMENT; Your products should not be too cheap or too expensive to discourage clients and stake holder. While setting up the pricing policy of your business, the profit margin should not go beyond 20% as it will make your business products and services being expensive and will discourage clients to carryout transaction. Soft Hostings, gives, cheap services and products that are expensive from other providers hence out-competing the existing giants.

Following the above tips, will help you to boost your business sales and double your profits. Looking for business loans and individual loans, simply register with us and we will set up your account. Account activation takes between 24 to 48 hours . Upon successful review, you will be ready to receive your Appnomu loans for individual.

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Jude Denis Malomele
Jude Denis Malomele
7 months ago

Waooo,very nice piece of advice am in love with it


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