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Monday, October 2, 2023
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How to effectively market your business using Facebook & Google ads


Entrepreneurs find it difficult to market their businesses both online and offline with a question where  to market my business. It becomes so hard to decide which platform to choose between these two legends nominating the market between Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Google is the most popular Advertising network with billions of searches everyday, followed by the rival competitor Facebook with billions of users. These two giant companies provide the PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign meaning you are charged when a click has been made, However, Facebook may charge differently using another algorithm.

ROI is what every business owner looks at and this involves making clear decision on which platform to use and which budget.

Google Ads

With Google ads, means a business can advertise with popular websites/publishers that may tend to be expensive when contacted directly. Using Google ads, means you are billed every click your campaign receives and involves having good SEO( Search Engine Optimization) practices, one to create an active campaign must have a google account. You can advertise to receive website traffic or orders on calls.

Why to choose this?

Google will not charge you for displaying ads on publisher’s websites. blogs, youtube channels or Mobile Application, rather, will charge you for clicks that your campaign receives depending on the KEYWORDS used, competitive or non- competitive. This means that you can increase brand awareness freely as well as making sales and receiving traffic through clicks.

Facebook Ads

Facebook on the other hand needs a business to have an active published page, and will be able to set up campaigns for page awareness to increase likes and post engagements.  Facebook also promotes your business to people interested in your products and services basing on their interests, age and preferences. Facebook is commonly good for increasing brand awareness as most people will see you business and interact with your brand through their Facebook Business tools.

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How to effectively make sales out of online marketing?

  • Proper planning and budgeting: When you have a good digital marketing team, you can make good sales from online advertising platform like Facebook and Google ads. Proper planning means evaluating market plan, SEO practices, good keyword planning. We usually recommend new businesses to start with a small budget of $2/Day on social media platforms for a month and $3/Day on Google for a month so that he can measure which platform yields more success, With $3/Day on Google, you can expect to get between 120 to 340 clicks on your campaign. If only you are able to make 20 to 30 purchase from the clicks, then you can increase the budget.
  • Audience; You need to understand your audience, who are your clients, what would be there interests, which visual design looks appealing to them. Once you understand your audience well, helps in making informed decisions on where to advertise your products and services
  • Keyword planning; You need to focus on which keyword ranks well in search engine and on social media, targeting the right keywords help businesses to meet a good audience willing to make sales and orders and hence improved ROI .

You can increase sales if you constantly consider marketing your business online using the two giant platforms. The minimum budget one need to start with to make the good number of sales and compete the existing competitors. On Facebook, one would require a minimum of $60/Month and $90/Month on Google ads.

Need to increase your brand awareness, trust the two giant platforms, employ digital marketing expert to help you set up and run campaigns.

You can as well fund your business with Business Loans to boost your business and increase sales.


  1. Good post for me and have the best comparison of the needful content regarding marketing. Thank you for the wonderful article you provide

  2. What a wonderful article but whenever I try to create an Ad using Google, I end up getting stuck. Seems this will guide me too in creating my campaign

  3. I agree with this comparison and its a good article. Thank you for helping us with Business tips everyday and guiding us. You are doing a great work surely

  4. So can that budget help someone to boost the business and make sales, some entrepreneurs are willing to market their businesses but they get frustrated when they start to believe that they are not able to make sales

    1. The ROI depends on the keywords you target and how they rank. You can make sales and meet your target with any budget. Please note that it also depends on the interest of the intended clients that you target

  5. Aryan, was looking for wonderful websites to study more about business marketing and this stood out to be the best-simplified article regarding marketing, Great thanks to the author

    1. Hey Aryan, thank you for this wonderful encouragement, we are pleased that you have enjoyed our blog and we doing the best to make sure that we we deliver fresh content which is good for your business

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