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How to create an account on Appnomu

Appnomu registration page

Appnomu Business Services can now be accessed online using website and mobile application for Android users and IOS shall be released soon according to our engineers and developers. The biggest challenge have been observed during creation of account where most people, were  not able to successfully create and activate their account fully so that they can enjoy the cheapest loans in Uganda with friendly interest rates.

In this post, I will show you how you can create an account on Appnomu if you do not have any account, if you get stuck, kindly leave here your comment and we will respond, alternatively, you can as well reach to us via email for assistance,

1.Visit the link  , When you visit the link, you will land on our registration page which will require you to complete registration by filling in your personal details. Please make sure the information you enter in the registration form is accurate and collect. We use the information to create your account and therefore you must enter the following information; full name, email address, mobile number, password(must be 8 characters and above), referral code is option, however, if you have one, or if you have been referred by a friend, then you can enter the referral code and click signup.

Appnomu registration page
Appnomu Business Service’s registration form. This photo has been taken from window version and therefore may look different from the mobile version of mobile screens. PHOTO CREDIT BY GRAHAM

Once you enter the correct details, you will receive a verification link in your Email account , The screen will notify you of how you can complete registration by verifying the link that must be sent to your provided email address, if you do not find the email in your inbox, please check the spam folder of your email and you will be able to see the email telling you to verify your account.

Appnomu welcoming email
You will receive such an email in your inbox, if you enter the correct email address while registering, to receive the code, please click verify and you will be able to receive the code to finish registration PHOTO CREDIT BY Bahati Asher

Once you receive such an email, click verify button and a code shall be sent to your registered number if you provide a valid mobile number, you must receive the code, If you do not receive the code, our link does not expire, login your email again after sometimes, and click the verify button again and you will be able to receive the code so that your account becomes validated and you will be able to login and update your account so that it can be fully eligible to access our services and products.

Please input the code you receive on your number in the form and click verify, Please be aware that your form will look different from this if you are using the mobile phone as this is a window interface for larger screens.
Please input the code you receive on your number in the form and click verify, Please be aware that your form will look different from this if you are using the mobile phone as this is a window interface for larger screens. PHOTO BY GRAHAM

Following the above instruction, you would have created your account on Appnomu and now you will be having few steps to finish registration .  Read also How to add alliances on your appnomu account?

2. Updating profile  

From the first steps, you can now login your account and finish the account creation process. This involves uploading KYC including the National ID both sides, selfie phot and address, the address is your valid place of residence. To do this, you need to login, 

Then after login in, you will locate to account and click profile, update profile

Appnomu update profile
Locate to profile, click update profile If you use a smartphone, you will not be able to see all the features in the image, but you will be able to update your profile


profile appnomu
Now, you can fill in your NIN number for your National ID, Card Number and address, then click update to save your information. Photo by GRAHAM


The next step is to edit IDENTIFICATION, upload your National ID front side, Back side and passport photo/selfie of your face, please note that you must select two times these images to appear and after saving, you will be able to see your IDENTIFICATIONS


The next step is to add alliance/guarantors to your account and once added, you will wait for 24 to 48 hours for your account to be activated and once activated, you will receive a call from Appnomu staff taking you through orientations of how to manage your account and services and products you are eligible of.To learn how to add alliance, read through our guide How to add alliances on your appnomu account?

Incase you find any challenge, please leave your comment so we can update the guide, alternatively, you can email us at and you will be guided.

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Senyange Andrew
7 months ago

This is a nice article and have helped me to create an account with ease. Thanks to content creator of this platform

7 months ago

The process of creating an account is too long and tiresome, How I wish you could come up with the simplest way of creating an account

Micheal Jordan
7 months ago

This is a wonderful article that guides newbies to create an account. Thank you for providing useful resources found on this platform and having a dedicated support team.


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