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Monday, October 2, 2023
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How to Add alliance or Guarantor on Appnomu for a loan verification

Appnomu Business Services is one of the Fintech company in Uganda offering online loans to individuals and businesses in Uganda since July of 2021. We understand that our clients face challenges when they need to complete registration and in this article, we will guide you on how to add alliance or guarantor for a loan verification.

Who is An Alliance?

At, Appnomu, we define an alliance as a person who confirms to us that he or she knows you well and is responsible to stand with you in case you fail to repay your loan or  in case anything happens. We collect data and we respect our privacy policy.

Our team called compliance team takes major steps in reviewing the data that you share with us and we do not sell your data to any other party. When you accept to be an alliance, you under go electronic signature where we send a code to your number and once you share the code with your friend, that means you accepted to be their alliance/guarantor.

Please note; You cannot be an alliance for more than five clients of Appnomu or when you have a loan with us which is not repaid by the time you are being listed as an alliance.

How to add an alliance?

To do so means you have a valid account with us. In this case, you can login your account using smartphone or desktop and then locate to the left menu where you can see the option of adding an alliance.

How to Add an Alliance on Appnomu
How to Add an alliance on Appnomu for a loan verification. Photo by Appnomu Illustrator

By clicking Add Alliance/Guarantor, you will be required to prove to  us the person in particular. You should be specific and accurate while giving us the data required as we use this data to approve your account with us. We will collect the following data from your alliance or friend:

  • Name: This the full name of your alliance and how it appears on the National ID. Please make sure to follow the name orders and spellings as we are not able to approve your account if we are not able to approve alliance/guarantors.
  • Mobile Number; This is a Ugandan mobile number of any network in Uganda. We request the number because we use this number to send a message to the alliance added. The message template sent reads your name and the name of the intended person “Hello TEST ACCOUNT(name of your guarantor) My name Has Listed YOu as His/Her Alliance on Appnomu For a loan verification, to Approve please send him this verification code: 647077” . The person should then share with you the code that you cans save before the alliance can be confirmed.
  • NIN Number: Your alliance should have a national ID, meaning you are then to provide us with the NIN number of your Guarantor so that our team can read the data to make sure the information provided is authentic .
  • Card Number; This is the card number of Your alliance or Guarantor from the national ID, this is found on the front side of your national ID.
  • Relationship; How are you related to the alliance as this help us in evaluating the loan potential of our clients.
How to add an alliance on Appnomu for a loan verification
Once you click Add alliance, you should be able to see this form on your screen and then fill in according, then click save to go to next form


After filling in the form, by clicking save, we shall automatically send the code to your alliance, please fill in here with the code that your guarantor share with you and once the code is true, the alliance gets confirmed

By doing so, you will have added alliance or Guarantor successfully, the system will automatically confirm your alliance but be informed that the compliance team shall go through your account decision and will either approve or disapprove your account.

Account approval takes between 24 to 48 working hours to be approved and once is approved, you become eligible of obtaining the Appnomu loan.

In case you were not able to add alliance, do not hesitate to contact us or WhatsApp chat , Direct chat or email our support team on feedback@appnomu.com and will be in position to assist you with the steps required (Monday to Friday)

You can as well post your comment in the comment section and we will reply as soon as possible


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