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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Compared; Appnomu Vs Banks and other Micro loan providers

Compared appnomu

Compared, Appnomu Vs Banks

Appnomu is a financial website/Application providing quick loans and savings to Ugandans above the age of eighteen with National Identifications. The company launched amidst Covid-I9 pandemic in 2021 of July.

Today we wanted to compare Appnomu and other Banks in Uganda towards providing services and the charges incurred.


Everyone needs to have a financial freedom and peace. Many financial institutions provides financial assistance to their customers in need to solve their emergences when their arise.

Looking at the side of the banks, You can only obtain the loans when you have been their customers for a long period of time. The period can be between 3 to six months depending on the bank you are using.

To obtain a bigger loan, you must have enough security before being considered and the interest rates are high depending on the amount of loan you intend to take.

If you fail to pay on time, there are penalty charges that get imposed to your loan and late fee charges that you must clear.

Though the process can be online for applying with some banks, you need to get to the bank and the bank to get to your location before you receive the loan.

With Appnomu

Appnomu provides cheap instant loans to thousands of Ugandan everyday. The process is entirely online and one does not need to have the collateral security to obtain a loan.

The interest rates of Appnomu ranges from 5% to 18% depending on the amount of money taken.

One only need to have a national ID and two alliance to obtain the loan and, most Banks would require to have more alliances and signings of documents.

Saving Products

Saving is the best way to make sure that you have steady income.

More  Banks in Africa have the best saving accounts depending on your need.

TODAY, let us compare the benefits of Having Appnomu saving account and Bank account.

Unless when you are having a fixed account, most Banks will require saving account fee and will keep charging you monthly.

Appnomu however, use the best technology to help you save your money.

You can only save under fixed for a period of one month, three months and a year from UGX2000 to UGX15,000,000.

Appnomu does not charge any withdraw fee and provides the best saving interest rates ever in Uganda on your savings.


For the better services, use  Appnomu for your savings and loans because of the first ever-premium services.

Unbeatable interest rates and support team responds to all inquiries on time. You can create an Appnomu account  under five minutes


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