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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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how to repay your loan on Appnomu
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How to Repay your Appnomu Loan

Appnomu Savings and Loans is one of the biggest fintech company in Uganda giving thousands of Ugandans online loans. Yes!, you can receive a loan on time without paper work. How can you repay your loan? To repay your Appnomu loan, means you have been approved to take a loan...
Appnomu registration page
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How to create an account on Appnomu

Appnomu Business Services can now be accessed online using website and mobile application for Android users and IOS shall be released soon according to our engineers and developers. The biggest challenge have been observed during creation of account where most people, were  not able to successfully create and activate their...
appnomu failed transactions
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What causes failed transaction on Appnomu

Appnomu is among the leading fintech websites receiving more traffic every day especially from Ugandans who seek for friendly cheapest loans that are unsecure and instant. As reported earlier, Appnomu currently have a number of 1054 registered accounts and receive 185 Monthly million page views from internet users. Leaving the...
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How to refer your friend or relative to Appnomu

Appnomu Business Services  is a fintech which is trusted by thousands of Ugandans. Currently we introduced the referral program benefiting Ugandans. To do so, you need to find a friend, relative, family member and tell them about Appnomu, once they register, request them to use your customer number as referral...
Appnomu loan denied
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Why is my loan not approved

To most of us, we get a loan denied message from Appnomu and we wonder what could be the problem/challenge. Appnomu believes in providing good services to Ugandans AND we have so far given out loans to several clients especially Ugandans. When your loans is denied, please check whether you...
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How to grow your loan Limit with Appnomu

Need to grow your loan limit with Appnomu, wanna show you how you can grow your loan limit easily. Appnomu Microfinance gives loans to Ugandans above the age of eighteen having identification particulars and also enables clients to save. To grow your loan limit, you need to be an active...
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How to save and repay your loan using CARDS?

To repay or save using a card is simple and more safer, to do so, simply go to savings or repay your loan, upon choosing the the repay loan or savings, a checkout page for payment will load, however, instead of putting in mobile number. How to save with Appnomu...
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How to withdraw Money from Appnomu website/Application

To withdraw money from Appnomu website or Application is just simple and secure. Appnomu allows all Ugandans above the age of eighteen to create an account and start accessing the loans and savings. Most have been wondering how to make a withdraw on Appnomu. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); To...
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