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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Appnomu to launch Appnomu Charity in March 2022

Appnomu to launch Appnomu Charity

Growing is caring for others. – charity navigator 

Appnomu Savings & Loans have declared the launch of charitable Organization in Uganda.

The organization’s  aim according to the CEO of Appnomu Bahati Asher Faith  is to provide Capitalization, Digital transformation and Entrepreneurship in Women especially single mothers and young girls with the dream to code.

Capitalization; Women in question are to be provided with capital worthy UGX500,000 each so that they can start a small business. Appnomu team should digitalize with modern tools like embracing social-media, websites and promote such business so that  can expand furthermore to create a difference in their lives.

Digital Transformation; The organization aims at promoting digital skills in women so that they can practice and engage in online businesses. This is aimed at providing a more boost tool for their businesses free of charge.

Entrepreneurship skills; The selected group of women shall be trained business skills, entrepreneurship skills on how to fuel-up their projects and widen their knowledge about their entrepreneurship skills.

According to a soft engineer Stuart Maleka has pledged to contribute to the Organization with the fine-polished website. The website  will enable these women to access digital tools, knowledge and skills online by reading the blogs posted by skilled profession entrepreneurs.

Woman in Coding; This is a project that will train young woman with the passion and spirit for  coding. These will be trained programming languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, and any programming language free of charge online and shall be employed by the Soft Hostings Limited.

Appnomu Charity shall cover all the bills and these are to get their lessons through UDEMY

How this will happen?

The Organization shall plant a website where women shall apply for these grants of skilling free of charge.  The random selected woman shall be visited and guided and will be feed in our system and then capital package of UGX500,000 shall be given to her upon her business proposal. And if it can be put in digital transformation. The selected women can then be monitored online and in field to track her performance in the venture and to be guided more .

According the Relationship Manager of Appnomu Relationship Manager, this is done to give back to the community through empowering Women in Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Need to become an official partner or sponsor of this projects, kindly reach to us through WhatsApp and we will follow-up with you and give you an opportunity to give back to your community through Appnomu Charity.




  1. Than you for having a structural heart and Willing to give back to the community through empowerment of women. This will be a good impact in Africa from Tech companies

    1. We are looking for more ways of giving back to the community and is through this method that we can help our community to raise more women in Entrepreneurship and digital transformation

  2. I hope to be the first woman to be selected in my area. Anyway this is good news and we are waiting for the launch and ready to participate

  3. Okay I am not in Africa but reading your article from the USA gives me a good smile to see that you are doing great and impactful . We hope you ripe the success that comes from heaven

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