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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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soma loans

News- Appnomu introducing Soma Loans to boost education system

Children are back to school after the long wait of schools to be re-opened. We have decided to be among the pillar of education boosters in Uganda and Africa at large with our services. Appnomu has confirmed introducing another module "SOMA LOANS" this is a service for students and parents....
managing finance
Business Guides

Finance- business Finance and personal income

Business finance is the process of making sure your business have the best financial audit. As many businesses evolve, most businesses do not have the best skills to manage the business finance and the personal financing. Personal finances are the amount of money or income you have personally from other...
Compared appnomu
Business Guides

Compared; Appnomu Vs Banks and other Micro loan providers

Compared, Appnomu Vs Banks Appnomu is a financial website/Application providing quick loans and savings to Ugandans above the age of eighteen with National Identifications. The company launched amidst Covid-I9 pandemic in 2021 of July. Today we wanted to compare Appnomu and other Banks in Uganda towards providing services and the...