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Friday, January 27, 2023

archiveNovember 2021

3 steps to apply for a loan
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3 easy steps to request a loan on Appnomu (online loan application)

Appnomu loans launched 25th/July in the year 2021. We had a goal of giving loans to Ugandan above the age of eighteen. What if i tell you that we have so far managed to give loans to 311 Ugandans in the last 3 months without any legal document or security?...
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The culture of communication and how they impact businesses

In this digital world, businesses need to effectively and efficiently communicate with potential clients to establish a strong relationship. We understand that without communication in the business, there is no trust and this means employing communication culture in the business. What communication culture should you employ in your business? This...
Business Guides

How to create a successful online business in Uganda

In Uganda, is known for unemployment despite contributing a bigger number of literate graduates every year. As a result, many youths have turned into entrepreneurs doing several types of businesses each day and the biggest percentage are seen doing small enterprises. Starting businesses is simple and most people have started...